Abilene Livestock Auction Abilene, TX.

Round Up for Rehab

Roundup for Rehab is a series of auctions of donated livestock. It was the first fundraiser for West Texas Rehabilitation Center 54 years ago, and continues to help WTRC serve children and adults in West Texas who have disabilities.

 "It's not one of (WTRC's) larger fundraiser deals, but it's the only deal Abilene Auction sponsors heavily," owner Randy Carson says. "I've had a son that went through (the rehabilitation center) back in the 1970s, and now I have a grandson. They do tremendous work and I told a countless number of people to just go there and walk down the halls to see what they do." 

Randy started helping with the Round-up when he was an employee at the sale barn in 1967. 

The West Texas Rehabilitation Center (WTRC) is a private non-profit founded in 1953 as a treatment center for children with cerebral palsy. 

WTRC started with one location, one physical therapist, and seventeen patients.  Responding to the needs of our communities has resulted in the growth of the organization to three locations and more than two hundred employees. 

 The WTRC staff works together as an integrated team to provide a wide array of outpatient physical, communication, and hearing services to the thousands of children and adults across West Texas who are challenged by disabilities and/or disorders.  

WTRC'S Mission: "...to improve the quality of life of those we serve regardless of financial circumstance."

We Support West Texas Rehabilitation Center with
"Round Up for Rehab"