Abilene Livestock Auction Abilene, TX.

 CONTACT US:  Phone (325)673-7865 
                         email: abileneauction@wtconnect.com

     Randy Carson, Owner
     Shirley Whiteaker, Office Manager

     Physical Address
     Abilene Livestock Auction
     3265 Judge Ely Blvd.
     Abilene, TX

     Mailing Address
     Abilene Livestock Auction
     P. O. Box 1461
     Abilene, TX 79604

 Long Road to Ownership

     How did a ‘town kid’ who worked part time on his uncles' farms in the summer end up owning a  
livestock auction barn?

     First Randy took a job at the sale barn in 1967. (Back then, a skeleton crew handled all of the work, which is now done by more than two dozen workers.)

     For awhile he split his time between work at the sale barn and classes at Cisco Junior College, then the job requirements took over. He is still learning about the cattle business. Randy says, “There’s not a day goes by when I don’t learn learn something still in this business. I’m a firm believer that you get to the point  where you think you know it all with the cattle industry you’re in big trouble.”

     Most of the 'classroom' was in Abilene at Abilene Livestock Auction, though he worked for a time as a cattle buyer for JM Cattle Co. 

     Randy purchased the Abilene Livestock Auction in 2000, fulfilling his long held dream.

Today Randy’s experience is sought from throughout the industry, from service on cattle industry boards to his assistance on area cattle seminars and sales. 


(This history is based on an article originally published in the Abilene Reporter News and used with their permission.)


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